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NordREG - Work Program 2011

The NordREG board have recently approved the Work Program for 2011. Already work on different tasks have begun.

2011 will provide many challenging and exciting tasks for regulators in the Nordic region. These will be tackled within NordREG, in collaboration with the Electricity Market Group, Nordic TSOs and market actors. NordREG looks forward to a fruitful cooperation with stakeholders in the region.

The Nordic energy regulators’ organization for 2011 will prioritize the project towards a common Nordic retail market. The Nordic region already has a very highly developed wholesale market that works in many ways as a role model for other regions in Europe. With the new project on a common retail market, with the ambition of an implementation in 2015, the Nordic Region is again pioneering in connecting electricity markets across borders. 

On the Wholesale level work will be concentrated on possible improvements of market function. NordREG recently published a report on price peaks during the winter of 2009/2010. In the report different topics were identified that will receive increased attention by the Nordic regulators. Amongst others the increase of demand elasticity, the method for the calculation of transmission capacity and transparency of Nord Pool Spot (NPS) will be on the agenda in 2011.

In relation to Nord Pool Spot, regulation of a new regulatory council will be set up by Nord Pool Spot it will start its work early 2011. The regulatory council will consist of members of the relevant regulators with the aim of improved information exchange, monitor market developments and effects on cross border trade.

Download NordREG WP 2011 (pdf)

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