Energy Regulators Regional Forum

The NordREG Board agreed to establish Energy Regulators Regional Forum (ERRF) on 8 March 2017, in order to facilitate common and consistent national decisions in the Nordic region.

According to Third Package Network Codes and Binding Guidelines, TSOs and NEMOs in the Nordic region shall develop terms and conditions or methodologies regarding a number of specific issues.

These proposals are subject to approval by each national regulatory authority in the Nordic region.

In order to reach consistent national approvals throughout the region, Nordic energy regulators are obliged to consult, closely cooperate and coordinate with each other to reach an agreement on the content of the subsequent national approvals. To this end, Nordic energy regulators have agreed to organize such coordination within the framework of NordREG.

The ERRF is intended to facilitate common and consistent national decisions to be made subsequently by each Nordic energy regulator according to Network Codes and Binding Guidelines. It gives practical effect to EU provisions requiring cooperation among regulators for the abovementioned purposes, by serving as a tool to reach unified solutions among the Nordic energy regulators.

28 March 2018