NordREG is a voluntary cooperation between the Nordic energy regulators. Decisions are made in consensus and the organisation constitutes of a presidency with a secretariat, both of which rotate annually.

NordREG seeks to facilitate the integration of the Nordic electricity market and the efficient handling and implementation of EU- regulation (Network codes and Guidelines). The work in NordREG consists of taking common regional decisions within the European Regional Regulatory Forum (ERRF), exchanging best practices and writing common reports.

The cooperation is based on consensus and a strong political commitment to developing the common Nordic electricity market. NordREG aims to reinforce the level of common representation in the cooperation within the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) and Agency for the Cooperation of the Energy Regulators (ACER).

The work in NordREG is carried out in working groups: Retail Market, Wholesale and Transmission, Network Regulation, Demand Flexibility and Strategy group. There are also six task forces that are coordinated by the Wholesale and Transmission working group. NordREGs organisational chart can be accessed below.

Click here to download NordREGs organisational chart (pdf)

Retail Market Working Group (RM WG)

RM WGs overall objective is to contribute to and work for better market conditions for consumers in the Nordic retail energy markets. The WG is the forum where the Nordic NRAs exchange information and views and together try to reach a common position on issues related to the implementation of a future Nordic and European end-user market.

Wholesale & Transmission working group (W&T WG)

W&T WG focuses on the continued development and well-functioning of the Nordic wholesale market. A major part of the work relates to the European network codes and guidelines. W&T WG also forms the link between the Nordic NRAs and the Nordic TSOs regarding the Nordic Wholesale market and other questions of Nordic relevance.

Network Regulation working group (NR WG)

NR WG works with different topics within the group’s main theme, which is network regulation of the electricity and gas sector. The focus of the NR WG in 2019 will be on capacity-based tariffs and monitoring of economic regulation. NR WG aims to actively promote an efficient and adaptable network regulation for the benefit of consumers.

Demand Flexibility Working Group (Flex WG)

The objective of Flex WG is to have a close cooperation between the Nordic countries in regard to flexibility issues. Flex WG coordinates the work on flexibility issues in NordREG together with other WGs.

Strategy Group

The Strategy groups focuses on how to develop and sharpen the well-functioning NordREG organisation and cooperation. The work entails among other things the implementation of the new NordREG vision and developing a long term strategy and roadmap.

22 January 2019