Framework for a harmonized model for moving

NordREG recommends that the moving process should be further harmonized an therefore present the following report. The report focuses on the regulatory framework for the move-in and move-out processes. This relates to markets players back office procedures, so the customer may well have moved before the processes are done.  NordREG suggests nine recommendations for the move-in process. These recommendations are described in fifteen messages that should be sent between the Supplier and Distribution System Operator (DSO) or the National point of Information (NPI). NordREG suggests seven recommendations for the move-out process, these recommendations are described in seven messages that should be sent between the supplier and DSO/NPI.  The move-in and move-out processes can be conducted simultaneously.

This NordREG report includes both fully harmonised processes and some exceptions that could not be harmonised so far. NordREG concludes the current moving report should enhance transparency and may contribute to eliminate some of the entry barriers for a supplier entering the Nordic market.