NordREG summarizes the recent years and looks ahead

The Nordic Energy Regulators, NordREG, now publishes three documents that summarize the past four years of work towards a Nordic retail market for electricity. NordREG simultaneously looks forward and suggest that the Nordic energy ministers should endorse a continued ambitious collaboration between the Nordic countries in order to continue the development of the electricity market.

In recent years NordREG has focused on how the Nordic electricity market can be more customer friendly. NordREG has agreed upon guidelines on how it can achieve a common Nordic end-user market. This has resulted in a common understanding of the design of the market; the electricity market should be supplier centric.

NordREG has made recommendations for processes where the customer interacts with the market: moving process, switching process and invoicing. These recommendations have since then been partly implemented in the Nordic countries. Efforts to develop a common Nordic electricity market will therefore continue after 2014. The continued Nordic work will focus on information management, how the DSO-role can be developed, the development of smart grids and how we can increase demand flexibility.

Read all reports here:

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