NordREG hosts a hearing on the current state of TSO’s and DSO’s roles and responsibilities and the current market design for enabling energy services.

The TSO’s role is changing with the establishment of national data hubs run by the TSO. The TSO takes on a role as a market facilitator in a way. In the near future it will became increasingly important to provide the customers with energy services. The retail market needs to be designed in a way enable energy services providers to enter the Nordic market. The DSO’s, TSO’s etc should give these new actors the possibility to manage the customers’ electricity consumption and/or balance. It is important to provide a market design and a regulatory framework that clearly states the roles and responsibilities for energy service providers. The work on rules for energy services focuses on market rules for DSO’s and unbundling.

With regards to the energy efficiency directive, demand response is given a bigger role in the electricity market in dealing with network constraints as a result of more renewables in the grid etc. How much should the customer be able to choose and what should be “controlled” by other parties?  In order to reach European climate goals of increasing amounts of renewable energy it is important to have rules that enable customers to become producers. Therefore rules regarding access to the grid needs to be transparent and reduce entry barriers. Since the micro-producer needs contracts with suppliers it is important that rules are harmonised on a Nordic level.

Therefore NordREG has decided to commission a mapping exercise covering the current legal framework for information exchange, energy services, micro-production and demand response. NordREG would like to welcome stakeholders to the hearing where the mapping results will be presented.

The hearing will take place at Gardemoen, Oslo on the 8th of April 10.00-14.30. If you want to participate send an e-mail to before the 24th of March. The number of seats is limited. We will confirm your participation.

If you are unable to travel to Oslo it will also be possible to participate via web-streaming.

The following three reports will be presented and discussed at the hearing together with the agenda: