NordREG will monitor cross-border transmission capacities

A prerequisite for well-functioning and integrated electricity markets is the possibility to trade across bidding zone borders. How to make cross-border capacities available and their efficient use are also important objectives of the CACM* Regulation currently under implementation. The Nordic NRAs have monitored available transmission capacity on Nordic interconnectors in bilateral dialogues with each TSO for several years. Beginning in 2018, this work will be further formalized and explored under the NordREG umbrella.

NordREG will investigate how to coordinate more systematically our joint monitoring of available transmission capacity in the region. In this work NordREG will, in addition to our own analysis, rely on a dialogue and involvement from the TSOs and market participants to achieve more insight and knowledge. We appreciate the reporting already provided by the TSOs today and would like to encourage the TSOs to consider how to further increase transparency by making these reports more refined, informative and standardized.

This NordREG initiative is for both short and long-term purposes and will additionally be a helpful tool when we start studying the development of transmission capacities under the coordinated flow-based capacity calculation and the RSC framework. With this initiative NordREG would like to emphasise the importance of TSOs complying with the obligations in the CACM and other relevant legislation with regards to making available transmission capacity for cross-border trade to ensure a well-functioning energy market.

*Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management 1222/2015