All Nordic countries have data hubs in place by 2022

In three years’ time all Nordic countries will have a data hub that will facilitate wholesale and retail market processes. The successful implementation of the data hubs and the ability to centralize the handling of market processes is a key factor for the Nordic retail market to work effectively.

In all the Nordic countries the government and regulators have given the transmission system operators (TSOs) the responsibility to operate the data hubs in each respective market.

Data hubs have been implemented successfully in Denmark and Norway. In Finland and Sweden, development of data hubs is in progress. In Finland, the scheduled start date is April 2021, and in Sweden in Autumn 2022.

In the coming years, work will be carried out to develop the existing data hubs further. In Finland and Sweden, the focus is to develop and launch data hubs with the necessary legislation and coordination with market participants.

Link to the full report: NordREG Status report on datahubs – June 2019