NordREG informs on the decision on the establishment of the Nordic Regional Coordination Centre (RCC)

The Energy Regulators of the Nordic System Operation Region (Nordic SOR NRAs), i.e. The Danish Utility Regulator, the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, the Finnish Energy Authority, and the Energy Authority of Åland, have approved a proposal to establish a Regional Coordination Centre for the Nordic Region, with the Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority participating informally in the regulatory approval process.

The proposal for the establishment of the Nordic Regional Coordination Center (the Nordic RCC) was submitted by the Nordic SOR transmission system operators (TSOs) in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Åland, i.e. Energinet, Svenska kraftnät, Fingrid, and Kraftnät Åland along with the Norwegian TSO Statnett pursuant to the Electricity Market Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/943).

The Nordic RCC shall replace the existing Regional Security Coordinator for the Nordic region (the Nordic RSC). The Nordic RSC is currently operated as a joint office between Energinet, Svenska kraftnät, Statnett and Fingrid. The Nordic RCC will be established as a Danish public limited liability company, which will be equally owned by Svenska kraftnät, Energinet, Fingrid and Statnett. Given the small impact of Kraftnät Åland and given that Kraftnät Åland will not need the same level of services from the Nordic RCC as the other Nordic TSOs, Kraftnät Åland will not own shares in the Nordic RCC but will participate in the Nordic RCC through contractual agreements with the Nordic TSOs and with the Nordic RCC.

It follows from the Electricity Market Regulation that the Nordic RCC is to enter into operation by 1 July 2022.

The proposal for the establishment of the Nordic RCC has undergone some amendments prior to its approval. Some of these amendments were needed to ensure compliance with the Electricity Regulation.

The decisions of the Danish Utility Regulator, Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, and the Finnish Energy Authority can be accessed here:

For more information, please contact:

Thomas vom Braucke
Danish Utility Regulator

Mari Salo or Jarno Lamponen
Finnish Energy Authority;

Johan Roupe
Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

Mari Holen Christensen or Helena Mellison Lindstad
Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority;

Henrik Juslin
Energy Authority of Åland