Three Nordic countries will have data hubs in place in 2022

In February 2022 Denmark, Norway and Finland will all have data hubs in place to facilitate wholesale and retail market processes. In Sweden, the work to implement a data hub is currently put on hold with no date for restart scheduled.

Data hubs are currently up and running in Denmark and Norway and under finalisation in Finland, with a scheduled go-live date on 21 February 2022.

There is no estimated go-live date for the Swedish data hub since the necessary legislative package has been further delayed. However, according to the Swedish TSO, Svenska Kraftnät, the project will be restarted as soon as legislation is in place. Depending on when the legislation is enacted, the estimated time to complete the project is 3 to 4 years.

NordREG believes that successful implementation of data hubs and the ability to centralise handling of market processes are key factors for the Nordic retail market to work effectively.