Finland has the highest share of active customers

The most active customers are found in Finland where 40 percent signed a new contract during the last 12 months. The least active are found in Sweden where only 25 percent recently signed a new contract.

In May/June 2022, Nordic energy regulators conducted a customer survey. In the survey, 6,000 customers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden answered questions about when they last signed or compared electricity contracts, why they were active or not, how much they know about their own contract, and whether it was easy or difficult to sign an electricity contract. A similar survey was conducted in 2018 and the results from the two surveys are compared in the report that is published today

Customers also seem to be more digital than four years ago. In Norway 17 percent signed a new contract to get updated information about their own consumption, for example in an app or on the supplier’s website. More customers are using comparison tools and are searching online for a new contract. In addition, the share of customers with electronic bills has increased. In Denmark only 6 percent still receive a paper invoice by mail.

At the time of the survey, the electricity prices had risen sharply. The customers in the survey then stated that their household economy to some extent been affected by the high electricity prices, and to a high extent that the price increase will affect their future choice of electricity contract.

Moreover, one in ten electricity customers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden had experienced problems with their new electricity suppliers after signing a contract. The most common problem was that the terms of the contract turned out to be different than expected or that the price was higher than stated in the contract. Eight out of ten of those affected by problems stated that they had complained to the company and seven out of ten that the complaint had led to a solution. Younger people experienced problems more often than older people.

In Finland only one in twenty had experienced problems after signing a contract.

Download the full report: Nordic customer survey 2022

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