NordREG publishes a revised NordREG Strategy, Work Program 2023 and Annual Report 2022

NordREG has published a revised Strategy, the Work Program for 2023 as well as the Annual Report for 2022.

NordREG Strategy

For more than two decades NordREG has provided a constructive platform for coopetation between the Nordic energy regulators. The energy crisis and ambitious climate goals have highlighted the need for continued cooperation and NordREG has revised the strategy to ensure that it reflects the recent developments and rapid changes in the energy market. Our vision is “Efficient and advanced energy markets, for the benefit of consumers – towards a decarbonized society”. The vision points out the direction in which we are going and the strategy envisions where we are going in the long run. Correct price signals, active consumers with access to information and a dynamic framework enabling advanced energy markets and green transition are strategic principles which will guide the NordREG cooperation in the years to come.

NordREG Work Program 2023

The NordREG Work Program describes the tasks and activities for the upcoming year where the continued implementation of the Clean Energy Package as well as the network codes and guidelines remains important. We will also continue the cooperation regarding the Nordic end-user market as well as increased focus in the area of flexibility.

NordREG Annual Report 2022

The year of 2022 was characterized by surging energy prices across Europe. NordREG has continued the cooperation that aims to promote and develop efficient electricity markets in the areas of retail, wholesale and transmission, network regulation and demand side flexibility.