Common Nordic Metering Methods

NordREG has mapped the national situation in the Nordic countries regarding smart metering. There are initiatives in all four countries that aim at having smart meters for the customers. This report contains a framework for a harmonised model for metering methods. The report includes fully harmonised elements and some exceptions that could not be harmonised. NordREG issues the following recommendations:

  • Metering method: Automatic meter reading should be implemented in all four Nordic countries for all of the customers to facilitate effective and functioning Nordic retail market. Time frame for implementation shall be decided nationally.
  • Meter capabilities: Meters should be capable to register energy usage at least on an hourly basis. However the time frame for implementation should be decided on a national basis. For cost reasons it could be allowed nationally to make an exception in the hourly metering requirement in cases when electricity consumption at the consumption point can be estimated exactly, meaning that the consumption is time-wise constant (e.g. combustion gas fans, automatic traffic control cameras, single traffic lights, street lights etc.).
  • Meter reading frequency: Meter reading should be done daily. For customer with low consumption, the meter reading frequency could be decided upon nationally. The meter reading frequency should be in compliance with the time limit decided for the balance settlement period.