Continuation of technical work after the BRS report

NordREG believes that the technical work cannot stop at this point because it’s crucial in order to implement already issued Nordic recommendations. It is also important to continue the good cooperation between the TSOs, DSOs and suppliers and keep the process ongoing. NordREG believes that this is necessary in order to avoid a situation where the stakeholders may continue to develop own technical solutions. concludes that there are three main areas which need to be addressed: The development of a Nordic technical handbook which in detail describes harmonized back-office processes, maintenance of documents, such as XML schemas and finally the development of use-cases by the industry. NordREG encourages the industry to continue this work and suggests that this work is led by the industry, NordREG therefore welcomes initiatives from the TSOs and the industry and intends to facilitate when necessary and incorporate tasks of that nature in the upcoming workprogramme for NordREG.