NordREG publishes a position paper on aggregation services and demand response

NordREG publishes today a paper presenting the Nordic energy regulators’ views on the European Commission’s proposals on aggregation services and demand response, as seen in the legislative package “Clean Energy for all Europeans”.

By this, NordREG aims at assisting Member States and EU institutions in improving the proposals for a revised Electricity Directive, to better reach the important objectives of efficient demand response for all Europeans.

NordREG has several concerns with the European Commission’s “one-size-fits all” approach to aggregation, as proposed in the revised Electricity Directive, and fears it could lead to system-wide inefficiencies. NordREG therefore recommends discretion to decide if, and in which situations, a regulated framework for independent aggregation may be efficient to implement. Further, NordREG recommends flexibility to define the details, if models for independent aggregation are chosen in specific parts of the market.