Stakeholder workshop on Independent Aggregation

NordREG is gathering the views of stakeholders with experience of aggregation. The first and most pressing issue we are seeking to address, is the new requirement to allow for ‘independent aggregators’ (IA) under the new Electricity Directive. NordREG is aiming to align our approach to the regulatory framework around independent aggregation where possible to minimise cross-border barriers. This raises a lot of questions around metering, settlement, balance responsibility, market design and how such a system of aggregation could work in practice.

Time: 9:00 – 15.00, 21st Jan, 2020

Place: Radisson Blu Arlanda Airport Conference

Please register your attendance and food allergy to before 17th Jan 2020. Attendance is limited, so only one seat per organization is guaranteed.


9:00 Breakfast and mingel

9:45 Introduction

10:00 Types of Markets for IAs

10:45 Balance Responsibility and Settlement


12:00 Measurement and Data Exchange

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Measurement and Data Exchange continued

13:50 Compensation for indirect imbalances

14:40 wrap-up

14:45 End