Documentation from seminar on DSO tariffs in the Nordic countries

NordREG organized a seminar on DSO tariffs in the Nordic countries from the perspective of regulators, DSOs and customers on November 3rd 2016. The seminar was held in Copenhagen, with more than 50 participants representing among others distribution system operators, industrial associations and national regulatory authorities. This was a follow-up seminar from a seminar arranged in 2015 about load tariffs in the Nordic countries from the perspective of network users.

Presentations from each of the national regulatory authorities on country specific issues related to DSO tariffs showed that the Nordic countries in varying degree consider tariff changes. One of the main topics regarding changes is related to a transition from energy based tariffs (kWh) to more capacity based tariffs (kW). Capacity based tariffs are already implemented in Denmark and Norway, but in Norway only for customers with a high demand for electricity. For the time being, both Sweden and Norway are discussing ways to implement either capacity based or time differentiated tariffs for all customers.

In addition, there were a presentation of CEER’s work on distribution tariffs providing a European perspective, as well as a presentation of how demand response influenced different customer segments in Sweden. Results from a Norwegian study indicated that prosumers, customers with their own electricity generation, in varying degree were affected by different tariff models. NordREG’s work with the supplier centric model across the Nordic countries illustrated the current state and the ongoing development of a Nordic retail market.

Finally, there were short comments from stakeholders like industrial associations and a Swedish customer organization. The active participants at the seminar raised several interesting questions, and the seminar provided a good opportunity to discuss DSO tariffs from a Nordic perspective.