NordREG executes first yearly oversight of the Regional Coordination Centre (RCC)

Based on NordREG’s first oversight of the RCC, NordREG publishes an annual oversight report of 2023. A taskforce under NordREG is required to supervise and perform a yearly oversight of the RCC as a whole. As the RCC is still a new organization under development, focus of the annual oversight 2023 has solely been on the RCC’s Annual Report 2022. 

The RCC’s Annual Report 2022 is the first annual report presented by the RCC since it was established. The NordREG annual oversight is furthermore the first NordREG annual oversight of the RCC.

The RCC published their Annual Report 2022 on 14 April 2023, which covers the period 6 December 2021 to 31 December 2022. The publishing of the annual report is a requirement according to EU-regulation for the internal market for electricity.

The RCC taskforce – established in June 2023 – under NordREG, performs ongoing supervision of the RCC. According to relevant EU-regulation, the taskforce is required to arrange for a yearly oversight of the RCC. This year, focus has solely been on the RCC’s Annual Report 2022.

The RCC is a new organization, established in July 2022, under development with many new and complex tasks besides taking over the work of the now closed RSC.

The RCC Annual Report 2022 mainly covers the RCC’s key services and a general financial statement. The taskforce considers the RCC Annual Report 2022 as a relevant and informative introduction to the RCC’s tasks and the taskforce found no reason to make any annotations on the reporting.

The taskforce will continue the supervision work with the RCC and will continuously have a dialogue with the RCC on relevant topics. Furthermore, the taskforce will, as relevant, request the RCC to provide updates on the effectiveness and efficiency of ongoing and future tasks etc.