NordREG Annual Report 2023 and Work Program 2024

NordREG has published the Annual Report 2023 and the Work Program 2024.

For more than two decades NordREG has provided a constructive platform for cooperation between the Nordic energy regulators. The ambitious climate goals and more insecure energy supplies are pushing the need for changes in the electricity markets.

NordREG plays a vital role in the development of the Nordic electricity markets while ensuring a proper and effective implementation and compliance with the EU-regulation.

The annual report 2023 and the work program 2024 describes the work that NordREG has and will undertake in order to deliver these goals.

NordREG Annual Report 2023

The year of 2023 was characterized by more stable energy supply and prices across Europe. NordREG has continued the cooperation that aims to promote and develop efficient electricity markets in the areas of retail, wholesale and transmission, network regulation and demand side flexibility.

NordREG Work Program 2024

The Work Program describes the tasks and activities for the upcoming year where the continued implementation of the Clean Energy Package, network codes and guidelines remains important.

Further, NordREG’s work will focus on the implementation of the expected changes in EU-regulation regarding the electricity and gas markets and the new regulatory tasks stemming from the Energy Efficiency Directive.

We will also continue the cooperation regarding the Nordic end-user market as well as increased focus in the area of flexibility.