Presentations from NordREG Stakeholder meeting on capacities 4th December 2020

The Nordic Energy Regulators held a stakeholder meeting on cross-border capacities in the Nordic wholesale electricity markets on 4th of December via Microsoft Live Events. About 100 participants were registered and there were at least more than 50 persons online at the same time.

Presentations were about the status of the Nordic flow-based capacity calculation methodology implementation and current and expected cross-border capacities in Nordic region. In addition, there were presentations of the state of play of legal implementation of congestion management requirements and the status of NRAs’ approval processes.

At the webinar, there were presentations and representatives from the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), the Nordic Transmission System Operators as well as the Nordic Energy Regulators.

The agenda

Agenda 4th of December 2020


0.1 Welcome to the webinar 20201204

1.1. Opening remarks

2.1. CCM Approval and side letter

2.2. Approval of 15min ISP derogation requests

2.3. NordREG stakeholder Hedging opportunities

3.1. NorCap Project Presentation

4.1. ACER update on state of play – legal implementation of congestion management requirements

5.1. TSO view on the 70% implementation

5.2. TSOs update on cross-border capacities


7.1. Update on DK1 – DE capacities

8.1. NordLink

9.1. Closing remarks